Look For A Thermostat Inside A Chevrolet Blazer

Has the heat stopped working in your Blazer? Or, is it overheating? The disagreement could be your thermostat, a relatively elementary to treasure trove (and modify) branch that's quite inexpensive.


1. Wait until the engine is chilly. Extract at least one gallon of coolant from the radiator by using the petcock at the backside of the radiator. You duty to remove Sufficiently antifreeze to prevent it from gushing away when you remove the thermostat housing.

2. Remove the bolts holding the thermostat housing in place (There's usually two, and this is where the deep sockets come in handy). The thermostat will be found underneath this housing. You may need to remove the radiator hose to gain access. (To do this, use either a socket or screwdriver to loosen the hose clamp bolt first.)4.

Find the upper radiator hose. Trace the hose to the point where it meets the engine. Depending on the year of the Blazer, this may be underneath the air intake, which will need to be removed.3.

If you're replacing the thermostat, make sure you take the time to check the radiator hoses for cracks or tears. Also, if your antifreeze looks dirty, your radiator should be flushed and filled with new antifreeze.