Get Yourself A Disabled Parking Permit In Nh

Any local of Cutting edge Hampshire who is disabled can application for walking disability privileges. Your disability must apt a definition of disabled under Au courant Hampshire enactment and be certified as such by a licensed Doctor or chiropodist. The issuance of hanging placards applies to either a passing or permanent disability as earnest by your Physician. The issuance of disability plates is local to permanent disabilities. Scan on to memorize deeper.


1. Select the type of permit that you want to receive, either disability placard or disability plate.3. Take the application to your physician or podiatrist who must certify that you have a qualifying walking disability and classify it as temporary or permanent. A temporary disability condition cannot exceed 6 months in duration.

Fresh look the definition of allowable disability per Fashionable Hampshire statute Intersect RSA 259:124 to conclude whether you qualify for issuance of disability placards or disability plates.2. Download and print the Handle for Walking Disability Privileges Appearance DSMV 16 from the native land of New Hampshire Department of Safety DMV website. Complete the required information at the top of the application form.

4. Mail the completed application plus any required fees, as detailed in the application instructions, to the attention of the Walking Disability Desk in the Division of Motor Vehicles at the address shown in the application form. Blue placards are issued for permanent disabilities and red placards are issued for temporary disabilities.