Ford Escape Safety Results

The 2009 Ford Escape has received Agreeable safety classifying results by the Insurance Academy for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the Highway Loss Information Academy (HLDI). The Ford Escape is considered a diminutive SUV and is in agreement with other vehicles in this troop.

Ratings by the IIHS and HLDI fall into four categories: Pleasant, Worthy, Marginal and Bad. The 2009 Ford Escape received an overall ranking of Acceptable, the highest test score awarded.

The 2009 Ford Escape features various structural modifications that fitter the lessee's Safeguard. Moreover to the structural modifications, the seat region method and front airbags retain as well been modified.

The frontal crash research resulted in scores of Exceptional in constitution, belief/neck, chest, left leg/foot and the restraint transaction. The individual score the Escape received lower than Admirable was an Good adjudjing for the fly leg/foot. During the assessment, according to the IIHS-HLDI, "Forces on the ethical foot were altitudinous Sufficiently to denote the opportunity of injuries."

Frontal Offset Test Results

The frontal crash assessment resulted in scores of Acceptable in constitution, imagination/neck, chest, left leg/foot and the restraint process. The one score the Escape received lower than Congenial was an Useful grading for the hold up leg/foot. During the elimination, according to the IIHS-HLDI, "Forces on the equitable foot were giant Sufficiently to denote the opportunity of injuries."

Side Impact Test Results

The side buffet check resulted in an overall grading of Exceptional. All areas of the test were rated Good, except for the pelvis/leg category and the structure category. During the test, the crash test dummy experienced forces equivalent to fracturing a pelvis. Injuries to other body areas were evaluated as low risk.

Head protection was Good for both the driver and rear passenger. The driver's head was protected by the curtain airbag and the seat deployed side airbag and front airbag. The dummy's head did not hit anything during the side impact test. The rear passenger was protected by a curtain airbag that deployed from the roof.

Rear Impact Test Results

Although injuries from low-speed rear-impact accidents are rarely severe, they do occur often. The IIHS-HLDI performs tests for head and neck injury probability; in this test, it is performed at 20 miles per hour. If the geometry of the seat will not protect an average-size man (seat-backs/head rest too low), the vehicle is automatically given a rating of Poor. The 2009 Ford Escape was given an overall rating of Good, scoring as high as possible in both the geometry and impact tests.

Additional Safety Features

The Ford Escape offers additional safety features, including side airbags for the front and rear passengers, a rollover sensor that will deploy the side airbags if a rollover is detected, electronic stability control and antilock brakes. In both the earlier models and the 2009 model, crash test dummy movement was well controlled during a frontal crash. It is worth noting that the dummy's head hit the roof during this test.Injury measurements taken from the head and chest areas indicate there would be a low risk of injuring to these parts of the body during a frontal crash, yet measurements taken on the neck indicate that injuries to the neck would be possible. Measurements taken during this test also indicate that the forces on the lower legs could cause injury to these areas of the body, including the right tibia and both feet.

Daytime running lights are also available as an option.

Earlier Ford Escape Models

The 2005 to 2008 models of the Ford Escape received slightly lower scores, including an overall rating of Acceptable by the IIHS-HLDI.