Fix A 1994 Nissan Pathfinder Disc Brake Pad

The brake pads on a 1994 Nissan Pathfinder are mounted on the caliper-mounting bracket and held secure with spring clips. The inside pad has a metal brake pad wear sensor designed to foundation a squeal when the brakes are applied provided the pad is excessively worn. Every eternity the brakes are replaced, the rotor should always be inspected. Whether it is heavily grooved, it should be machined to smooth it absent so the brake pads build extended contact with the rotor. Whether the rotor is as well thin according to the minimum thickness printed on the hub earth of the rotor, it should be replaced.


1. Unlatched the caliper bleeder valve on the top inside of the caliper. Sincere the bleeder screw, using a wrench. Encompass the screwdriver between the inside pad and the rotor.

Uplift the Motor lorry with the floor jack and abode it on jack stands for safety. Remove the tire/revolve meeting, using the lug wrench. Assign the drip pan under the brake caliper.2. Pry the caliper piston back into the caliper Muzzle. Accelerated the bleeder valve and tighten it with the wrench.

3. Remove the two bolts that secure the caliper to the mounting bracket, using a socket. Lift the caliper off the mounting bracket and hang it from the spring, using an catch lot of wire. Remove the full of years pads and discard.

4. Install the contemporary brake pad springs on the mounting bracket. Install the original brake pads--put the pad with the low-pad warning clip on the inside. Lower the caliper over the brake pads. Install the two bolts and tighten them.

5. Install the tires and lower the vehicle. Evaluation the brake adept cylinder and fill as needed.