Cub Cadet 2164 Specifications

The Cub Cadet pattern 2164 is a lawn tractor manufactured by Cub Cadet, an International Harvester Trade-mark of Accoutrement. The Cub Cadet was headmost produced in 1961. Currently, Cub Cadet's lenghty contour of machines includes residential and commercial mowers, tractors and snow throwers. Cub Cadet Testament Hold its 50th anniversary in 2011.


The pc is equipped with an interlock safety development. This step automatically shuts off the engine provided the operator leaves the seat with the engine running. The step Testament activate whether the brake lock development is either busy or disengaged.

The two-cylinder, 16-horsepower engine has a displacement of 29.3 cubic inches. The Muzzle and stroke are 2.68 by 2.60. The engine rapidity is 1200rpm at low and 3350rpm at elevated. The valve clearance for the blasting engine is .004 to 006 inches intake and exhaust.



The fuel tank holds 3 gallons of fuel. The filler is in the Centre of the back fender. The fuel tank is located under the rear fender. The crankcase holds encircling 3 pints. The transmission case holds 3 quarts.

Maintenance Specifications

The engine oil is changed after every 50 hours of usage. The oil filter requires changing every 100 hours. The gap should be .030 inch. The mower must maintain 6 quarts of transmission oil and should be checked before each use to ensure the proper amount of transmission oil.