Choose Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Bathroom exhaust fans protect your bathroom from moisture.

Bathroom exhaust fans are further admitted as bathroom vent fans, and they are an primary local appliance. The leading imagination of these fans is to ventilate your bathroom. Effective ventilation helps to reduce moisture and humidity in your bathroom, as well as unpleasant odors. Using your bathroom exhaust fan correctly will help prevent mold and mildew problems from forming within your bathroom. Before you install your new bathroom exhaust fan, you need to select the right one for your bathroom.


1. Understand how bathroom exhaust fans are sized. They are sized by a CFM rating, which represents the amount of cubic feet of air that the fan can move per minute.

2. The sone rating measures sound, and it will likely be between 0.5 and 6 sones. The lower the sone, the quieter the bathroom exhaust fan.4. Find out if the bathroom exhaust fans you're selecting from come with lights.

3. Look at both the CFM and the sone rating for the bathroom exhaust fans you're selecting from. The CFM rating should match the number you calculated in the previous step. Determine the CFM rating needed for your bathroom. Multiply the length and width of your bathroom to get the square footage. Then multiply the square footage by 1.1 to get the CFM.

Those that come with this extra feature generally use bright compact halogen bulbs, which can light up your entire bathroom.