Alter The Timing Belt With An '87 Mazda B2200

Timing belt

Mark the timing belt with white-out where the two timing marks meet.4. Loosen and remove the tension-pulley bolt. It's the on the left with a little spring coming off to the right of the pulley. Hold onto the pulley while loosening the bolt, as it will come away from the housing. There are two categories of motorcar repair--major and youngster. Changing a timing region is considered babe, on the contrary on a Mazda B2200 it can be a immature tricky. Provided you hold the patience and tools, on the contrary, you can accomplish this with sporadic complications.


1. Disconnect the bad battery cable. Remove the distributor cap located on the top-right back side of the Engine attached to the adept cylinder.

2. Remove all the bolts that secure the plastic timing belt comprehend. You will see the timing cover once you remove the distributor cap. Make a note where each bolt came from, because they're of diverse lengths.

3.Create it yourself. Three text that are fitting increasingly usual in nowadays's economic climate. For most bourgeois van repairs are something they can gun forward to every year.

Unhook the small spring from the peg and put the pulley aside.

5. Examine the tensioner pulley for damage such as dents or cracks. Spin the tensioner pulley and listen for a rattle or humming noise that would indicate loose or worn bearings. With the tension on the timing belt relieved, the belt should slide easily off the sprockets.

6. Reverse the above steps to install the new timing belt.