A Brief History From The Nissan 350z

The Story of the Nissan 350Z

Nissan Engine Firm's 350Z is the contemporary in 40-year-old wrinkle of "Z" cars fundamental marketed in 1969 as the Datsun 240Z. Although there is bare brief in general between the antecedent and advanced generations, they hand the duplicate conceptualization of a elementary roadster with a elongate hood, short deck and a fastback-style roofline.


The two-seater Nissan 350Z sports van was produced between 2002 and 2009 before giving habit to the 370Z.

Bigger Engine

The year 2007 also saw a larger V-6 engine introduced that generated 305 horsepower.

Gives Way to the 370Z

Few Changes

Interior and body styling remained relatively unchanged through its lifespan, but a 35th anniversary edition was released in 2005.

More Aggressive

More changes evolved in 2006 and 2007 with speed-sensitive steering and a luxury interior and navigation system.

When Nissan stopped importing its 300ZX models to the USA in 1998, the convention had hoped to rekindle the Z van borderline, but it took until 2000 before management was satisfied with a design to implement for the 2002 model year.


Nissan continues its long history of offering two-seater roadsters powered by a high-performance engine with a timeless design.

The 350Z served its owners well, but gave way in 2009 to the 370Z, which possessed a more aggressive, muscular body style in a step up to compete against the Porsche Cayman.