Switch The Ignition Coil Inside A Dodge Smart

Yet though Dodge uses a distributorless ignition step, or plain ignition action, it much has an ignition coil. Prevent injury by disconnecting the balky cable from the battery. For added safety, accede wrapping the aim of the cable in a cloth to prohibit an fortuitous connexion. You should again place your emergency brake.3.

1. Lift the hood of the Dodge Intrepid and allot the ignition coil pack. You should examine it attached to the left cylinder tendency.

2. You can bargain the ignition coil for a Dodge Intrepid inside the ignition coil pack, which contains three independent ignition coils. Everyone coil fires two cylinders.


Nickname the coil wires with masking tape, and then unplug them from the ignition coil pack. Unhook the electrical wiring harness connector from the ignition coil pack.

4. Remove the mounting screws for the ignition coil pack with a screwdriver. Slide the coil pack under the mounting bracket to remove it.

5. Isolate the ignition coil you hankering to remove. Loosen and remove any fasteners that dominance it in lay.

6. Lay the new Dodge Intrepid ignition coil back in the coil pack and reassemble the parts. If you have a Torque wrench, tighten the mounting screws with 9 foot pounds of torque (12 Nm).