Switch The Coolant Recovery Tank Inside A Toyota Camry

The Emigration of a Camry coolant recovery receptacle, other cogitative confessed as the coolant reservoir container, is obligatory in some of the basic engine jobs done on your Camry, according to timing girdle and radiator replacement. Should the coolant recovery tank change into damaged during this system, or whether you committal to exchange the vat for some other apprehension on your Camry, here are the steps to come from.


1. Cook undeniable the engine is off and blasting.4. Drain all coolant from the overflow reservoir, making sure To gather the used coolant into a container for proper disposal. Dispose of the old reservoir.5.

The hose to the radiator is still connected at this point.

3. Disconnect the coolant reservoir hose from the radiator. Make sure you have a rag handy and a small collection bin to catch any coolant that may spill from the radiator and reservoir.

Let your broiling engine sit for at least an date to let the coolant lay back into the radiator.2. Press the retainer clips to loosen the old reservoir from the engine compartment.

Install the new coolant reservoir tank by first attaching the hose to the radiator, and then push the tank into place under the retainer clips.

6. Open the cap and fill the coolant reservoir tank to the appropriate cold engine fill line with pre-mixed Toyota approved coolant. Replace the cap tightly.