Replace Rear Disc Brakes Inside A Oldsmobile Alero

The Oldsmobile Alero is one of the meagre vehicles that hold inboard and outboard brake pads in the rear CD brake course. This doesn't, nevertheless, build the CD brakes gargantuan to exchange. Interpret besides to memorize convert the CD brakes in an Oldsmobile Alero in approximately an day.


1. Push in on the outer edge of the brake pad to release the mounting dowels. Push the outboard pad out through the bottom of the caliper. Pull the inboard pad out of the caliper.6.

2. Lift the rear of the vehicle off the ground using a vehivle jack. Advice the Alero on all sides to prevent it from falling over while you alternate the rear CD brakes.

3. Remove the rear wheels from the Alero. Loosen the lug nuts with a torque wrench. Allot the wheels aside, face up, to prevent poor the rims or hub caps.

4. Disconnect the caliper from the steering knuckle forging certain to enjoy the brake hose intact. Rotate the caliper upwards and secure it to the vehicle with a wire, on the contrary don't hang it from the brake hose as it may foundation damage.

5. Remove two-thirds of the brake fluid from the skillful cylinder reservoir. Appropriateness a syringe or suction gun to remove the brake fluid from the reservoir. Store the brake fluid for utilize adjacent on.

Install the new inboard pad in the caliper by pushing it in so that the spring on the back of the brake pad snaps onto the caliper piston. Replace the outboard pad by pushing the dowels on the back of the pad into the mounting holes in the caliper.

7. Lay the caliper over the rotor onto the steering knuckle. Insert the caliper mounting bolts and sleeves then tighten with the torque wrench to 40 ft. lb. Replace the wheels and lower the Alero to the ground. Pump the brake pedal several times to seat the pads.