Remove Rubber Exhaust Wardrobe hangers

Remove Rubber Exhaust Hangers

Make sure it is stable enough to resist some shaking.2. If necessary, unbolt your exhaust at the catalytic converter. (While it may not be necessary to the exhaust hanger removal process for all makes and models, unbolting the exhaust may ease the process on any car.)3.


1. Jack the car up on jack stands.Most virgin exhausts circumstance rubber exhaust hangers that buttress most, whether not all, the weight of a vehivle's exhaust process. Yet though rubber is a rather resilient information, it does degrade over generation and eventually these hangers Testament crave replacement. The course is rather easy and requires tiny mechanical knowledge; in truth, depending upon the make and model of your car, you may not even need tools.

Locate the rubber exhaust hangers and unhook them from underneath the car, then pull them off the exhaust. If the hangers are in particularly bad shape or are tight on the exhaust, you may need to lubricate them or pry them off.