More Horsepower To Some 2004 5 7 Hemi

The Hemi engine is one of the most legendary American faculty plants ever conceived. Derived from the hemispherical shape of the engine’s combustion chambers, the head Hemi simply represents efficacy and torque (and lots of it) to the citizens. Prize any engine though, all the more a massive engine compatible a 5.7-liter Hemi can be improved upon with a dwarf tweak here and a good tune there. For those who need to receive more power from their Hemis, there are actually a meagre options, ranging from gentle to agrarian.


An experienced technician should install a turbo or supercharger. Reflashing a Hemi’s pc requires the appropriateness of circuitous automotive diagnostic Accoutrement and should lone be done by an experienced technician.

2. Interchange the manifolds with performance headers. The Hemi’s inventory manifolds are designed for Bulk Industry and to proper stringent cacophony and emissions regulations. As such, they act not flow too as they could due to their smaller-than-optimal internal passages and Rugged casting. Tubular headers circumstance larger internal passages and smooth surfaces for superior air flow as exhaust gasses Way out the Engine. This allows the engine to break exceeding efficiently and cook enhanced authority. Install headers in place of the stock manifolds in the same location.

3. Install a larger diameter exhaust. Like headers, a larger diameter exhaust will remove spent exhaust gasses from the engine more efficiently than the stock exhaust, allowing the engine to create more horsepower in the process. Your Hemi will also sound better, with a deeper exhaust note. Exhaust installation is usually quite involved and takes special tools and equipment, including a lift and welding and cutting supplies. You can have an exhaust fabricated for your Hemi or purchase an off-the-shelf one.

4. Install a cold air intake (CAI). A stock Hemi air box is relatively restrictive. The more cold air an engine can get, the more potential power it has. A cold air intake features large diameter tubing and a larger, more free-breathing cone filter mounted to the end of it that delivers denser, cold air to the intake side of the engine. To install a CAI, remove the stock air box from where it is bolted to the engine bay and disconnect it from the engine’s intake. Install the CAI in its place, ensuring that the filter is positioned where it can receive fresh, cold air.

5. Supercharge or turbocharge the engine. This is the technique that is used by Hemi owners who want huge power gains from their engines. Both of these techniques use a compressor to force air into the motor for big horsepower gains. This is also one of the most complex and costly ways to receive more power from an engine.1. Reprogram the Engine Ascendancy Unit (ECU). Besides proclaimed as reflashing, this is a mode whereby the engine’s personal computer is loaded with at odds software that changes when and how yet fuel, air and Glimmer the engine receives. This in turn can development horsepower and torque.