Install Headers With An 89 Camaro

The 1989 Camaro's engine compartment provides dinky amplitude to profession.

Replacing the headers on a 1989 Chevrolet Camaro is lone galling through of the relatively cramped engine compartment. While this isn't as all the more an puzzle with the smaller V6 engine, the 350 V8 is shoehorned into the engine bay of the IROC-Z Camaro. Aftermarket headers, on the other hand, if applied to a inventory Camaro or a controlling custom personal computer, can enlargement the machine's endowment significantly.


1. Jack up the van and benefit the frame with jack stands. Remove the front wheels on both the Chauffeur and passenger side To admit for easier access to the header bolts.

2. Unbolt the flanges attaching the stock header to the exhaust system. These are accessible on the Camaro by climbing under the car and following the exhaust pipes up into the engine bay.

3. Unbolt the header bolts which attach the header flange to the engine block. Remove the header by pulling it down through the bottom of the engine compartment.

4. Reinstall the front wheels and lower the car to the ground. Start the car and listen carefully to the engine compartment to ensure that there is no exhaust leak.

Install the new header by first placing the new header gasket against the block, then placing the header on. Thread the header bolts to finger tight, then connect the header outlet flange to the exhaust pipe and tighten down the bolts both on the outlet flange and the engine block flange.5.