Fix An Admirer

A broken cooling fan can cause your engine to overheat and yet grounds damage to the inundate pump. Be taught troubleshoot an electric fan that refuses to exertion. Provided you acquire a basic training of electricity and electrical circuits, this Testament be an easily done ball-breaker. In a concern of minutes, you Testament be able to finish the rationale and--in most cases--repair that broken cooler fan yourself.


1. Research for broken wires or loose connectors environing the fan progression. Contemplate connectors at the fan Engine, relay, sensor or heat touchy switch, and the Electronic Check Module (ECM)--your machine’s pc containment process. Again, conceive confident to test for a feasible blown fan fuse. These are bourgeois and overlooked troublesome spots that may antecedent a fan to fail.

2. Fall and bring the engine to glowing temperature. With the engine at cool temperature (engine off), it should register infinite resistance; with the engine at warm temperature (engine off), you should read low resistance. If both readings state infinite resistance install a new heating sensor, that’s the cause of your failing fan.6. Check the action of the fan relay if the heating sensor is registering variable resistance.

3. Turn off the engine after you see the light glow. Apply direct voltage to the fan motor from your car battery using a pair of spare wires. If the fan fails to function, replace the fan motor. If the motor operates, your problem is in the motor connector.

4. Locate the heat-sensitive switch or heating sensor if the fan motor operates with direct voltage and the test light did not glow. You should find the sensor in the radiator, engine block, or thermostat housing.

5. Measure the resistance across the heating sensor with the multimeter. With the engine running, convenience a voltage essay burnished to research for ability to the Engine fan. Be additional careful and cook up sure to keep your hands and tools away from the belt, fan or any other engine moving parts. If voltage is reaching the fan motor, the test light should glow.

Your service manual should specify the power and ground wires according to color codes and the proper way to test it. If the fan relay fails the test replace it with a new one.

7. Check the connections going to the ECM after you determine the fan relay is working properly. If you find broken wires or loose connectors, make the necessary repairs. If you suspect a defective ECM take your vehicle to a service obtain a computer analysis. In most cases, the ECM is rare to be the cause of a failing fan. The above steps should take you to the root cause of your problem and help you fix the cooler fan.