Create A Aquarium Light

Aquarium lights generally demand using metal halide bulbs. These bulbs simulate sunlight for the fish in your tank. Realistically you can use any kind of light you want. Fluorescent and metal halide lights work the best though. With those bulbs fish kind of feel like this have there own little habitat.


1. Measure the length and width of your aquarium. You will need to make sure that your light does not cover the entire top of the aquarium, but that it is slightly longer than the aquarium. You can write down your measurements to be sure you remember them.

2. Go to your local hardware or home improvement store to check out the lighting section. You want to get a fluorescent light fixture that is just longer than the length of your fish tank. Set up your fish tank light. Take the fixture out of the box. Make sure the bulbs are in the fixture. Set the light or lights on top of your fish tank.4.

It is like a shop light. The important thing is that the light has metal halide bulbs.3.

Plug in your fluorescent light fixture. Your fish will be able to enjoy their new light, and since the lights are fluorescent you will not have to worry about baking them with bulbs that get too hot.