Change Front Brakes On The 2002 Alero

Brake pads are one of the easiest components to spending money on a vehicle. In most cases, owners can alternate the pads without visiting a competent mechanic or vehicle overhaul centre. You can quarters the pads on a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero within one time. When replacing the front brakes, always interchange both sides.14. Use a torque wrench to secure the lug nuts to the wheel. Tighten them to 100 foot-pounds.

1. Loosen, nevertheless act not remove, the lug nuts on both front wheels with a 1/2-inch operate socket wrench or lug seed wrench.

2. Slide a hydraulic vehicle jack under the vehicle. Pump the operate repeatedly to elevate the hydraulic jack and lift the vehicle. Impel jack stands under the frame lambaste near Everyone circle to agency the vehicle while changing the front brakes.

3. Remove the lug nuts from both wheels and remove the wheels from the turn studs.

4. Spray the brake CD and caliper with a brake process cleaner. Swab the cleaner and dust off of the CD and caliper with a towel. Accomplish not Disinfected the brake dust from the CD and caliper with compressed air.

5. Remove the lower brake caliper mounting bolt holding the brake caliper to the caliper bracket with a socket wrench. Axis the backside of the caliper upward gone from the bracket to access the brake pads.

6. Pull the inner and outer brake pads from the brake caliper bracket.

7. Apply a thin coat of anti-squeal grease to the backs of the new brake pads. Allow the grease to set for a few minutes before installing the brake pads.

8. To slide the caliper over the rotor, it will be necessary to push the brake piston back inside the caliper. Place a c-clamp over the piston. Tighten the c-clamp to recess the brake piston.

9. Install the brake pads into the brake caliper bracket. The new pads should engage the retainers on the top and bottom of the brake caliper bracket. The inner brake pad contains a wear indicator. It should be positioned at the bottom.

10. Pivot the brake caliper over the brake caliper bracket and brake pads.

11. Install the lower brake caliper mounting bolt with a torque wrench. Tighten it to 23 foot-pounds.

12. Place the wheel over the wheel studs. Install the lug nuts finger tight.

13. Pull the jack stands from beneath the vehicle. Rotate the handle on the hydraulic jack counterclockwise to release the tension on the jack. Slowly lower the vehicle.

Never exchange decent one fix of brake pads. One brake meeting can be used as a visual convoy while changing the brake pads on the adverse side.