Repair 1993 Honda Social Front Energy Doorways

Shop for inside the front doors to locate the ability locks.

Disconnect the bad battery terminal inside the engine compartment.3. Remove the switch meeting from its harness. Clip a current switch into the harness.

Replace Actuator

1. Disconnect the door panel clips, interior door trim and door panel retaining screws. Appliance a pry item to remove the window pulley arm. Remove the interior door panel.

2.Socially, the bill of your 1993 Honda Civic lowers when something as mild as the front capacity door locks cease operating properly. Either you or your friends cannot ok anything of consideration in your Honda for awe that it may be stolen or you and your friends are forced to crawl concluded the adverse door in course to receive to the Correct seat. Locate the front dynamism doors yourself to avoid this inconvenience and embarrassment.


Preparation and Switch Replacement

4. Remove three capability door lock actuator mounting screws. The actuator is on the backside of the door toward the rear of the vehicle and is the mechanism devolving on for physically locking the door. The mounting screws are on the rim of the door and remove toward the rear of the vehicle.

5. Disconnect the actuator wire and retaining rods by fist. Unseat the wire and rods from their clips.

6. Change the current actuator in reverse grouping with the advanced screws, wire and retaining rods.

Replace Relay Unit and Door Panel

7. Place the relay unit in the driver's side door panel. The unit is inside the top of the door panel toward the front of the vehicle above the speaker.

8. Remove two retaining screws and disconnect the wire harnesses from the relay.

9. Clip the new relay into the wire harnesses and secure with retaining screws.

10. Replace the door panel, trim and all removed electrical components. Reconnect the battery.