Meaning Of Hemi

Muscle Cars

A HEMI (from hemisphere) is an internal-combustion engine with hemispherical combustion chambers. Although hemispherical combustion chambers posses been environing longer than internal combustion engines, they are mostly associated with 1950s muscle cars--at least in this society. HEMI used as a synonym for American muscle cars is reinforced in great classic movies such as Smokey and the Bandit and Joe Dirt.


Hemispherical combustion chambers predate the internal combustion engine--they gain been used in cannons and artillery. They keep been used in internal combustion engines thanks to 1901. The Chrysler Business history in the 1950s is the novel that created the American HEMI mystique.

These include Porsche, Jaguar, Mitsubishi and Lotus. These are primarily cars that are major players in European racing circles where high-speed power is more important than low pollution.


The hemispherical shape allows a piece of air-gas combination into the combustion Hospital ward at one age. The larger explosion delivers extra energy.


The factor of the larger combustion chambers are higher valuation, preferable weight, amassed power at high RPMs, low power at low RPMs, larger gas consumption and more unexploded gas in the exhaust. These last two effects have made the HEMI somewhat unpopular in the modern cost-conscious and environmentally aware world.


Although the love affair with the HEMI is primarily an American addiction, several foreign cars use the HEMI design.


HEMIs are strongly identified with American muscle cars, particularly Chryslers, Plymouths, and Dodges. They own as well appeared in other American cars, such as Fords and a amount of European cars. They are associated with cars that must deliver a group of dynamism at authentic formidable speeds.